First big BTRFS bug I suffer...

Last update on Sept. 6, 2013.

After a month working on my main laptop with a btrfs filesystem, this week I was hit by the first problem.

Following the Murphy's law, it happened  in the worse case, when I started a 5 hours trip where I was not able to fix it, and thus, I had a brick instead of a laptop for that trip :(

The problem started getting hangs while being in a train, so I first thought it may be a problem with the fact that the mobile network was too slow and GNOME was doing nasty things due to network delays, however ...

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Back to the blogging scene...

Last update on April 20, 2013.

After a lot of years since my last blog entry, I think it was time to recover my blog as a way to share and "document" all technical aspects of my professional and hobby life.

Lots of things happened in last years. This is a brief summary:

  • Worked for Canonical developing Launchpad.
  • Created my own family company.
  • Moved to Alicante (Spain).
  • Worked for SMS as a DevOps.
  • Moved back to Valencia (Spain).
  • Joined the Crononauta team as the CIO.

In recent news... I joined Zentyal's research & development team. The last two weeks I have been learning and started improving ...

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